League of Legends servers down as Lizard Squad strikes again

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Lizard Squad returned to Twitter today and it didn't take long for the DDoS group to strike its next target: Riot Games' League of Legends.

Lizard Squad has been responsible for a number of DDoS attacks throughout the week, focusing mainly on video games. Their resume includes taking down Sony's PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online, and video game streaming website They even DDoSed League of Legends earlier this week. It appears, however, that they want some more.

Riot Games has acknowledged issues with the login queue and has even disabled Ranked play.

"Summoners we are currently working on an issues where the login queue is not allowing players to successfully login," a message reads in-game. "We are working on the issue and will update you when we know more."

A second message reads: "We've disabled Ranked queues as we're currently experiencing issues loading the games. We're investigating to fix the issue."

Riot Games hasn't said if the issues are being caused by a DDoS attack, but Lizard Squad's tweets sure do suggest they are behind the problems.

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