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League of Legends Season 2 World Finals Live Now! Over 900,000 concurrent viewers, biggest eSports event in history.


With $1,000,000 on the line and the Summoner's Cup shining within view of both teams, Taipei Assassins and Azubu Frost are now squaring off in the Grand Finals of the League of Legends Season 2 World Championships. They are in front of a packed crowd, and 900,000+ Concurrent Viewers, making this the most watched eSports event in history.

The production quality of the event is outstanding as well, both teams raising out the floor like the total rockstars they have become, excellent commentary, and the energy from the crowd is palpable to me even across the country. I'm jealous of anyone currently in attendance.

And these teams have not disappointed - Game one started off with TPA taking an early lead and snowballing quite a bit, but after a well placed Requiem by Karthas resulting in a Quadrakill, Azubu Frost showed off impressive will and team fighitng ablility, able to pull from a massive kill deficit to take the first game.

As game two begins, Taipei Assassins have again taken an early lead. We'll see what happens as the game progresses. Check out the livestream below and witness the glory that is League of Legends eSports.

Update: TPA takes Game 2 with a snowballing victory - excellent team fights and coordination, combined with a split push from Shen, made it look easy despite hard turtling from AzF.

Update 2: TPA dominatiing this match, completely shutting down AzF with an early level one engagement followed by a steamrolling lane phase. After just a few more team fights, AzF surrenders to prevent being demoralized further heading into the tournament point in Game 4.

Final Update: TPA playing super aggressive this match, beating out AzF with superior positioning that even Azubu's poke compisition cannot seem to outzone. After a few more dominating team fights, and a qucik baron kill, TPA systematically begins sweeping across the map killing turrets, destroying all outer turrets in a single push. They head back to base to recharge for what proved to be the final push of the tournament, easily pushing into the base, destroying the Nexus. AzF just didn't have the damage to contest this, and thus, TPA became your Season 2 League of Legends Champions!


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