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League of Legends: Riot teases possible new skin for Rumble, 'the hero of a fallen city'


If a new teaser posted by Riot Games is any indication, then it looks like Rumble, the Mechanized Menace, is getting a new skin. At the very least, he's getting an upgrade to his current skin. Posted to the "skin preview" section of the League of Legends website, Riot teased "the hero of a fallen city."

"How can I be their hero if I can’t protect them?" the teaser reads. "This isn’t the end. It’s time for an upgrade. I’ll show them what yordles are worth."

Unfortunately, the champion's back is to us so we can't see his face, but the context clues in the picture lead me to believe it's Rumble. You can clearly see it's a Yordle standing on top of what looks to be Rumble's mech (you can see the missles on the back as well as the spiked wrecking ball sticking up). Below is the splash art for Rumble for comparison and above is the teaser image for the new skin.

Rumble, League of Legends

What do you think, time for an upgrade for Rumble?

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