League of Legends Reaches 32 Million Players and Gives Some Pretty Cool Statistics

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I'm a firm believer that Riot Games Inc.'s League of Legends  is no longer a game.  It is a religion.  In a post on the League of Legends site today, Riot announced that their game has reached 32 million users worldwide.  That's a sh*t-ton of players!  In the last four months, the amounts of players has doubled in size.  Some fun and interesting statistics about the game are:

  • 11.5 million monthly players / 4.2 million daily players / 1.3 million players playing AT THE SAME TIME
  • Since 2009, 15 billion champions have been killed and 21 trillion gold has been earned
  • 1.2 million Deathcaps are bought daily, 690,000 Trinity Forces bought daily, and 87 billion gold earned daily
  • Teemo dies 2 million times a day
  • 43,055 champions are killed every minute
  • HotshotGG has worse stats than Shushei, but he's still number one in my heart...
  • Has more YouTube channel subscribers than Katy Perry (gawd I love her), Linkin Park, and Taylor Swift... time to pas the Biebs

Truly amazing.  Thanks for giving us a great game Riot!

League of Legends player statistics

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