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League of Legends proves that even the undead can appreciate a makeover with Karthus

Let’s face the fact that it is no longer 2009. The original 40 League of Legends characters are a bit obsolete in the ole looks category. This includes everyone’s favorite lich, Karthus. If his “jellyfish” passive state wasn’t enough to catch your attention, take a moment and compare him with any of the recent characters. The amount of detail he is lacking is phenomenal.

If that reason wasn’t enough, Riot added a few more that all just sort of, you know, make sense. Karthus comes from the Shadow Isles, just what does that mean? Being creepy? Having a certain color palate? Well… sorta, but not just that. Take a look at Twisted Treeline – that place is the embodiment of the Shadow Isles. How can that environment reflect upon Karthus?

What does it mean to be a lich exactly? An undead spell caster has been played out. Riot’s task here is not necessary to recreate the lich, but add to the archetype. Just what does it mean to be a Deathsinger? What is a Deathsinger? Check out the new art and animations in the video above. This new art will be coming to the PBE soon.   


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