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League of Legends’ Preseason Rundown focuses on the support role, jungling, and game flow


As we say adieu to League of Legends’ Season 3, there will be some amble farewells for the great memories and intense rage-fests which occurred along the way, but the future is in the preseason of Season 4. Just because the world is playing LoL, doesn’t mean Riot can kick off their shoes and call it a day. On the contrary, Riot wants to make this mammoth of a game even better.

Advancement can never be achieved without change. This Season 4 will have extensive changes to the point where long tern veterans of the MOBA will have to relearn certain roles. Between free trinkets, money making masteries, and a cap to how many wards a single character can carry, the support role will be having a different and even stronger presence in a match – especially towards end game. We’re going to see support champs with more items they would like to have and less of what they have been pigeon holed by teams to have – which just sounds like more fun for them.

Junglers have a brand new wraith camp to slaughter without taking away from the current jungle. Neutral mobs will scale in difficulty and reward based off average level of players. In a push to make junglers have a stronger presence end game, they will reap more rewards from jungle mobs due to new items and changes to preexisting items. Junglers will have an array of items to pick from to synergize with their play style. If they want to spend more time in the jungle they can do so, if they would rather be heavy gankers than there are items for them as well.  

While snowballing is a harder issue to tackle, Riot is making changes to see that game flow is generally increased all around. Early towers will now reward the player who took it down more and give the team less gold than before. The other huge change is dragon’s global gold reward will increase as the game progresses. This will make slaying him an even higher priority and should result in more contested dragon team fights.

Well those are the three major changes in an abridged format. To learn more, watch the video below and check out the official League of Legends website. I’ll see you in Season 4. 

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