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League of Legends preseason balance patch is live


So with Riot shaking up League of Legends with their season 3 changes, the all mighty meta has been rattled.  In this process though, a few things got out of hand and unbalanced.  So, as the patch name suggests, some tweaking has been done to make items and characters balanced once again.  The last few weeks have been like an open beta with all everyone just jumping into the changes. 

If you’ve been playing the last weeks you know you’ve been playing the ‘League of Black Cleaver.’  I’ve first hand seen this item take over the game.  I even saw our mid loose to a snowballing Talon who bought two and was nearly unstoppable.  I’m glad to see Riot respond to their fan base and hot fix this bad boy.  Making it unique is definitely a plus.  Here are the changes:

  • Armor Reduction per stack reduced to 6.25% from 7.5% (Maximum reduction is now 25% from 30%)
  • Flat Armor Penetration reduced to 10 from 15 and is now UNIQUE

The champs that got the Nerfbat are Teemo, Zyra, Rengar, and Diana.  A few highlights of these characters are Teemo’s mushrooms at max rank do 150 less AP damage, Zyra lost a bunch of damage and spell speed, Rengar lost some base AD and his healing is reduced, and Diana got AP reductions and her pull has a shorter range.  I’ve certainly seen a ton of Teemos recently, I wonder if this change will be significant enough to see him drop off more?

Lastly, the gifting system is now in.  So buy that RP, skins, and champions for your friends while you can.  This gifting initiative is only temporary. 

As this very second I’m writing this, the patch is live and the NA server is back online.  As expected though, it is busy.  Yay balance!


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