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League of Legends pre-patch 4.3 itemization update


Riot's League of Legends balancing act continues as the developer announced a few updates to the itemization changes planned for patch 4.3. Keep in mind, these changes are only reflected on the Public Beta Environment and are not yet live in the game. Riot did note that the 4.3 patch will be shipped "soon."

You can view all of the planned patch 4.3 changes here, and below are the updates to each item:

Boots of Lucidity

The previous changes have been reverted. Originally designed as a really cheap boot option for Support players, Riot found that Lucidity Boots are picked up in one in four games, and by non AP users.

"This is fairly annoying as they should ideally be tailored towards Supports and Tanks and are mostly being picked up on AD Glass DPS that then become even squishier and more annoying when they do," Riot explains. "But in any event, it's not the time or the place to fix that and certainly much too soon."

Coin Line

"Several of you have pointed it that it's incredibly silly that the Coin line has even more mana regeneration than the Spellthief line, a line intended for mages.

"We've bolstered the coin line to be more about recovery and regeneration and lowered the high-end mana regeneration of the item. It now gives equivalent mana regeneration to the Spellthief line at the highest tier."

Talisman of Ascension

  • 15 MP/5 --> 10 MP/5 (-5)
  • Favor now grants 10(+5) health when a nearby minion dies that you did not kill. (Roughly equal to 10 HP/5)
  • 4 GP/10 --> 3 GP/10

Spellthief Line

  • Tier 1: 5 AP (+5), 2 (-1) MP/5, 5 (+1) Gold on hit.
  • Tier 2: 10 AP (+10), 5 (-2) MP/5, 10 (+2) Gold on hit.

Relic Shield

  • Now shields for 10% of your maximum Health and the damage is 100% of their Total Attack Damage and 30% of their Ability Power

Doran's Shield

  • 5 HP/5 --> 6 HP/5

Boots of Mobility received no changes as Riot is "out of time tuning for this current patch." However , this is an item that will need further tuning in 4.4.

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