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League of Legends opens the vault on the Winter Games skins


Sure it’s a few days late, but who’s judging right? Due to the glory of the Olympics going on RIGHT now, Riot has decided to open up the ol' skin vault for the League of Legends Winter Games skins. These skins are preetttttty old at this point, made for the Vancouver Olympics. From now to February 23rd, you can purchase these for nostalgia and glory.

These skins consist of:

  • Vancouver Amumu – 520 RP
  • Team Spirit Anivia – 520 RP
  • Union Jack Fiddlesticks – 520 RP
  • The Mighty Jax – 520 RP
  • Whistler Village Twitch – 520 RP
  • Ice Toboggan Corki – 1820 RP
  • Festival Kassadin – 520 RP
  • Curling Veigar – 520 RP

Winter Games Skins

Get them while they last, play them in LoL, and watch some damn Olympics!


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