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League of Legends' One For All mode returns with a mirrored twist


League of Legends wild and crazy One For All mode is making a comeback this month, but with new rules that make it even wilder and crazier. The last time we saw this mode it featured two teams, each with five of the same character. Now titled One For All: Mirror Mode, the core concept remains in place, but this time both teams will clash with the same champ. So now instead of, say, five Lux's versus five Blitzcranks, you'll have a match featuring 10 of the same character. The action has also been moved to the Howling Abyss map.

"For this iteration of One For All, champ select is determined by the combined nominations of both teams," Riot Games explained. "A vote tracker shows the nominated champions - if one champ achieves a strict majority, they’re chosen. If not, we base the choice on a weighted random from all the nominated champs, so if four people vote for Amumu, three people pick Blitzcrank and the last three all pick different champs; there’s a 40% chance everyone plays Amumu, a 30% chance everyone plays Blitz and a 10% chance for each of the remaining champs!"

Playing the new mode at least once will permanently unlock the One for All icon. Riot has also added a feature to One For All: Mirror Mode that allow you to purchase a Battle Boost for your team during champ select. This allows you, for 150 RP, to temporarily unlock all of the chosen champ's currently available skins fo ryourself and your allies. Additionally, everyone on your team will get a one game 100 IP boost.

One For All: Mirror Mode will be live from May 29 through June 8.

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