League of Legends' new Twisted Treeline now has co-op AI bots

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Have you even tried the new Twisted Treeline in League of Legends yet?  I know at first you couldn’t do custom or co-op matches due to the high popularity, but those days are over now.  On top of not needing six humans for a match now, you can also do co-op matches with buds (or strangers) vs. AI bots is your thing.

I just did a quick match and the AI of these bots is pretty good.  If you’re wondering if they try and cap the alters, oh they do.  While the bots may not offer a hearty PvP experience, they do give you the opportunity to try out Twisted Treeline 2.0 without screwing everything up.  

Dat Vilemmaw.

Co-op Twisted Treeline


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