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While watching the champion spotlight for Nautilus in the MOBA League of Legends, my coworker said he looks like a combination of a BioShock Big Daddy and Spider Man.  I can see where he was going with this.  This tanky-jungle rocks the underwater theme (as if the name Nautilus wasn’t a dead giveaway).  He’s armed with a passive that is a short stun which can be used on different champs or the same champion after a few seconds, a Blitzcrank like grab that can also be sued to pull himself to terrain, a shield that while up gives him more AD, a slowing burst ripple around him, and a seeking popup ultimate that damages all foes who is travels through.  That’s a pretty fancy lineup.

Unsurprisingly, Phreak plays Nautilus as a jungle.  The pull ability makes him a great chaser and ganker.  Watch the champion spotlight below and get your deep sea on.  I’m quite curious to see how this guy works in game.

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