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League of Legends LEGOs could be a thing — make it happen

Imagine a Kickstarter... but for LEGOs. That's what is. People submit designs and ideas for LEGO sets; if people like it and want to see it made, they can click the 'Support' button. By clicking that, you aren't backing it financially, it just asks you how much you'd be willing to pay for something like it, how many you'd be willing to buy, and why you like the project. Once it gets to ten thousand supporters, it will go to LEGO for review for a chance for it to be made. If they decide to make it, you can then buy it on their official site. If you're into LEGOs, that's pretty cool, right?

As a huge League of Legends fan, imagine my delight when I stumbled across a League of Legends LEGO submission with over 1,400 supporters. The detail of the designs are just wonderful, so this project needs to happen. With the huge fanbase that LoL already has, how could it not?

League of Legends LEGO

Here we have Lux, Blitzcrank and Brand

league of legends legos minions

Minions have spawned


Lego league of legends baron nashor

Buff not included

As you can see, the designs are amazing. I know I'm supporting this, and I hope you do too. To support the making of the League of Legends LEGO set, click HERE. You can also see that the Minecraft LEGO set is now available for purchase HERE after being supported and approved.

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