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League of Legends LCS shake-up: Curse divided into two teams

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Well, Season 3 of League of Legends is over. Now begins the offseason until the start of Season 4 is announced. Every team will look to tweak their strategies and improve their roster. Some teams will break up. New teams will form. 

And then there's Curse, which is dividing into two teams: Team LoLPro and Team Curse. 

Team LoL Pro is a new team formed to qualify for LCS through the new tournaments and the new Challenger Circuits that have been announced. Their roster is:

  • Chenglong "NyJacky" Wang - AP Carry
  • David "Cop" Roberson - AD Carry
  • Cruz "CruzertheBruzer" Ogden - Top Lane
  • Brian "Trickz" Ahn - Jungler

Support tryouts are still in process and the choice will be named at a later time. NyJacky and Cop were on Curse last year and will try to anchor Team LoL Pro as they attempt to make the LCS. NyJacky was the AP Carry for Curse since August 2011 and is one of the best AP Carries in the North American scene.

Then there's Team Curse, who I'm especially excited for. The new Team Curse roster is:

  • Christian "Iwilldominate" Rivera - Jungler
  • Eugene "Pobelter" Park - Solo Laner
  • Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black - AD Carry
  • Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani - Solo Laner
  • George "Zekent" Liu - Support

Iwilldominate used to be the Jungler for Team Dignitas. He's not without baggage, as he was banned from League of Legends on the LCS for one year due to toxic behavior. He was with Curse Academy last year and is an interesting choice for Curse to go with. Pobelter could be a game changer. He was too young to play in the LCS so he just played in the challenger scene. Now that he's of age, he and Voyboy will handle both of the Solo Lanes, probably swapping between top and mid. 

Voyboy will undoubtedly be the leader of this team. He's one of my favorite players, has great mechanics, and is just a flat-out nice guy. He's smart and is one of the best Top Laners, and I miss watching him play Ezreal. 

Zekent previously played for Absolute Legends and To Be Determined and is one of the best players in North America. He brings a level of intelligence to Curse that will undoubtedly benefit the team. He will support Aphromoo at ADC, who was supporting for CLG before leaving them after a switch to Top Lane. He's a very aggressive ADC and is one of the more entertaining/popular streamers. I'm really interested in seeing with this very talented bot lane for Curse can pull off. I should also mention that Saintvicious has moved from being the Jungler and shot-caller for Curse to being their Coach.

Both Team LoLPro and Team Curse have a lot of talent. 

Via my friend Kelly, who lives, eats and breathes the LCS scene, the top six North American teams are in the Season 4 Spring Series. So Curse can flex their muscle in that . The other two spots will be between the two bottom teams and the winners of the 5v5 challenger tournament. Team LolPro will have to bank on getting in that way. 

That said, I've found some sites that say LoLPro is already in Season 4 Spring Series, while Curse has to go through the Challenger tournament... so I'll update this when I get a difinitive answer. 

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