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League of Legends Has Become Larger Than World of Warcraft


League of Legends’ numbers continue to swell.  The MOBA maintains a fluent momentum of continuous gamers joining its ranks.  As of current, LoL has surpassed 11 million active players.  The graph shows that 4 million people play in a single day.  This number exceeds World of Warcraft’s 10.3 million active players.  These numbers come from a new graphic released by the developers we covered earlier.

It would seem that Riot Games has figured it out.  The free-to-play model is the “next big thing.”  The World of Warcraft subscription play style is on its way out.  It is rumored that Star Wars: The Old Republic is the last of this old system.  The free-to-play / micro-transactions wave is the future.  People don’t want to pay monthly for a game.  People certainly don’t want to pay monthly for multiple games at a time. 

While it’s hard to believe that World of Warcraft has hit its pinnacle, its void is leaving room for new developers and games to grow in subscribers and followers.  Will Star Wars: The Old Republic take over as the most dominate MMO?  Will League of Legends continue this snowball of new players?  I think a lot of answers will be learned in the next few months.  According to my TweetDeck right now, folk are frothing at the mouth for SWTOR.  By the way, congratulations LoL.

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