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League of Legends Harrowing Is Now Upon Us


When you logged into League of Legends today you might have noticed something a little bit different.

League of Legends The Harrowing Splash screen

That's right, The Harrowing is now upon us.  The patch today not only introduces Graves, The Outlaw, but also brings some spooky changes to get you in the mood for the most hair-raising of holidays.  The Harrowing update brings the latest tricks and treats in the form of limited edition skins, runes, and special in-game items.

Now available in the League of Legends store, are some frightful, limited edition costumes for some of your favorite champions.  You can now purchase any of these thrilling Harrowing skins for Annie, Nidalee, Blitzcrank, and Nocture for only 975 RP. 

Haunting Nocturne

Haunting Nocturne league of legends

Bewitching Nidalee

FrankenTibbers Annie

FrankenTibbers Annie

Definitely Not Blitzcrank

Not only do you Summoners get to enjoy the Harrowing spirit, but even the minions are participating in the festivities.  Now the minions are donning pumpkin masks and bat ears and stocking up on tasty treats.

League of Legends The Harrowing minions

Now, you can save some of your valuable Influence Points.  In recognition of the Harrowing Spirit, Riot is offering discounted, limited edition holiday runes.  Those looking for some quick boosts can pick up some of these Tier 2.5 runes for added Magic Penetration, Ability Power, Movement Speed, Health, Dodge %, or Armor Penetration.  Each of these with a unique Harrowing-themed name.

League of LEgends the Harrowing runes

Lastly, some of the recognizable items you're used to purchasing have been replaed by delicious Harrowing themed consumables.  Now available from the item shop you can take your Harrowing spirit with you onto the Fields of Justice in the form of Candy Corn, Mana-Encrusted Apple, and pieces of candy.

Happy Halloween summoners.  See you on the Fields of Justice! Darknessssssss!




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