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League of Legends Graves Mechanics Preview


Last week Riot Games gave a sneak peak at the story behind Graves, the Outlaw, the newest champion coming to League of Legends.  Today, they divulged a bit more of information about the outlaw's abilities and gameplay mechanics.

nabling him to attack from afar, yet still punish those who get too close.  Described as "rough-and-tumble", Graves is a ranged DPS champion equipped with a massive, hextech double barreled shotgun.  Though labeled as "ranged", I expect his attack distance to be fairly limited (don't expect ridiculous Caitlyn range) due to his weapon choice.  That being said, his slight range should give him an advantage over  melee characters.

His first skill, Buckshot, shoots three quick shrapnel bursts in a cone in front of him.  "Unlike other multi-missle spells, all three Buckshot rounds can all hit the same target (although each individual projectile will deal slightly reduced damage)."

Like other ranged characters, Graves strongest ability is to keep foes at a suitable distance.  His goal should be to keep them far, but still within range of his Buckshot.  To do so, Graves can throw out Smoke Screen to limit enemy vision and slow them in an area.  Following Smoke Screen, Quick Draw will let Graves dash in for a "quick shotgun blast or escape danger as needed."

Lastly, Collateral Damage is a skill shot that nukes the first target it hits, spreading a cone of damagebehind its target to hit anybody yellow enough to hid behind the tanks.

"Our goal with Graves was to make a ranged DPS that had some incentive to get up close or make enemies think twice before getting in your face. While it’s completely possible to play Graves as a standard max-range carry, this dichotomy makes for skill differential without adding a high barrier to entry (or any hefty, paragraph-long tooltips). Whether trying to maximize the close-up damage of Buckshot, or setting up the 1-2 punch of Collateral Damage, we’re excited to add a champion with true grit to the ranged DPS lineup."

Graves, the Outlaw, definitely sounds like an intriguing character.  He should be slightly beefier than most ranged AD characters because of his incentives to get up close.  He does seem very bursty.  Dive in, buckshot, dive out.  Graves looks to add quite the bang to League of Legends.

What are your thoughts on the new character?

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