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League of Legends goes where it pleases, including to Mac

Mac owners rejoice! You can finally enjoy the most played video game on EarthLeague of Legends. The LoL community, which currently boasts 32 million active players, is about to get some brand new faces thanks to the arrival of the Mac client. Mundo can now really go where he pleases -- with no platform limitations.

The new Mac client is currently in open beta. It's a fully native game client, meaning you can still enjoy the same exact service as PC players. It includes all future features, bug fixes, and new content made available at the same time. Since it's still in beta, Riot encourages new players to submit any feedback to "help us craft the best experience possible on the new platform."

Back in September 2011, Riot Games shut down their League of Legends Mac client because they couldn't keep up with the quality they wanted from their game on Mac. Thanks to the help of Bloompje, Mac players are no longer outcasts. 

To celebrate its arrival on Mac, Riot Games has released a brand new skin for Blitzcrank. Available for 975 IP you can join the Apple trend with iBlitzcrank.

The new iBlitzcrank skin comes equipped with crisp laser tethering and rippling electronic pulses that add new color to his spell effects. This sleek, shiny new take adds sci-fi-inspired sounds and animations that give new life to the Great Steam Golem.


iBlitzcrank in game

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