League of Legends gets new 6 vs 6 Hexakill mode next week

League of Legends Screenshot - League of Legends Hexakill

The 6 vs 6 Hexakill game mode that was recently added to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment will go live for all players next week, Riot Games announced. Played on Summoner's Rift, Hexakill has all of the same rules as a normal match except that an extra player will be added to each team.

"For the next upcoming Featured Gameplay Mode, five to a team just wasn’t enough. We’re adding a sixth champ to each side on Summoner’s Rift. Same rules, same map, more champions," Riot said, teasing team comps that can consist of "double jungles, roaming supports and six man wombo combos."

Hexakill mode will be playable on February 20. In the meantime, you can get an early look at the mode from when we tested it back in January.

What 6-champ team comps are you looking forward to playing as?

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