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League of Legends Fizz Patch Details


Hello summoners. Upon logging in to League of Legends today, you will notice a number of changes. The patch that took place today, bringing the champion Fizz into the game, brought a number of changes today. These changes include some nerfs and buffs to ranged AD carries, the mastery tree changes, and summoner spell changes.

In an effort to catch some ranged AD carries up to the more popular choices, like Caitlyn and Graves. It seems like Riot is listening to the complaints of the players that these popular choices, like Kog'Maw, are outclassing some other ranged. Riot gave minor buffs to the likes of Miss Fortune, Tristana, and Corki, while doing some minor nerfs to the popular choices in an attempt to give players more choices when it comes to choosing your AD carry.

There is also a change to Katarina. Players will now have some choices with her Killer Instinct-Shunpo combo. Depeneding on the order used, Katarina will now teleport behind her target. Riot says this will give Katarina players some choices and control in combat, separating the good Katarina players from the mediocre ones.

Sona is getting a nerf, albeit a small one, to her harassing and buffing. She will still stay in lane, harass the enemy, and heal up her lane partner, but it won't be as strong as it is now. Safe to say, she will still be the best support character.

As for the summoner spell changes, Clairvoyance is getting a nerf to the cooldown and the amount of time it makes an area visible. The changes should hopefully allow more ganks and not make Clairvoyance the spammable spell it is now. Heal is also getting a buff to the amount it heals. Now, tanks should be able to sustain themselves in lane, and it even might be an intriguing choice for an extra heal for a support, or a solo top character.

Mastery changes have also taken place. You'll notice tons of new changes, and upon logging in, you will be prompted to redo your mastery pages. With the new mastery tress, there aren't the cookie cutter mastery builds now. The possibilities look promising, and I am looking forward to trying out multiple builds with each champion.

One last thing, for you Ashe fans, go check out the store. You won't be disappointed.


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