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League of Legends Fizz Champion Impressions


There won't be any Lilo and Stitch jokes in this post.  None.  I swear. 

So Fizz was released today as the newest champion to join the League of Legends.  Fizz is an assassin / fighter / melee that scales off of AP (ability power).  Featuring a skillset that makes him nimble, he can dart into the action and then make himself untargetable or hop over a wall.  His passive, Nimble fighter, makes it so he ignores unit collision and takes less physical damage from basic attacks.  This will add a little defense to some auto attack characters, since Fizz needs to get in close to fight. 

Fizz League of Legends

His Q is Urchin Strike, which has him target his enemy, striking them as he runs through them, dealing magic damage and applying on-hit effects.  Fizz will move a set distance with this ability, usually placing you behind the enemy, so some caution should be used.  However, it is a great move for chasing or juking opponents. 

His W is Seastone Trident.  The passive on this adds a bleed effect to your auto attacks, starting at 6 percent missing health over 3 seconds.  If you activate this ability, your auto attacks will apply grievous wounds, which is a debuff that lowers the effect of healing on your opponent.  Consider it a free ignite on your opponent.

E is a two-part skill, Playful / Trickster.  this move has Fizz hop into the air, making him untargetable to the enemy, minions, and towers.  If you reactivate the ability, Fizz will dash forward again, slamming into the ground and damaging all enemies around him.  This ability can be used to hop over walls to get away from enemies, and it is excellent for farming / clearing minion waves.

Fizz's ultimate is Chum the Waters.  This is the most entertaining ultimate in the game, and until I was able to use it, I was a firm believer that this was a joke and Riot was trolling us.  It is a skill shot that stops on the ground or latches onto an enemy champion if it hits.  It slows the target, and after a brief delay, a shark comes up out of the ground and eats the fish.  In doing so, it knocks up, damages, and slows the enemy champions. 

Due to the mastery changes, I personally haven't decided on an appropriate build, but I try to choose any offensive masteries that include ability power and cooldown reduction.  He can be fragile early game, and I found the added mobility of boots with 3 health pots to be better starting items than a Doran's Ring.  Like Phreak said in the Champion Spotlight, building him a little beefy with a Rod of Ages is a good idea, but from there I finished my sorcerer's boots and went to a Lichbane.  His skillsket works well with the Sheen Proc and added some nice burst damage--and the movement speed increase helps a lot.  Obviously, a Deathcap is a must and would be a fine choice getting it before or after a Lichbane. 

Play around with some builds and let us know which you found to have the most success with.


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