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League of Legends developer taking firm stand against SOPA


League of Legends is a game perhaps best defined by its community, passionate gamers eager to show off their skills in YouTube videos and livestreams, sharing strategies in chatrooms and forums. Unfortunately, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) could put a stop to all that,  giving companies the right to file claims against a content host for say, a single offending meme image or brief snippet of music accidently left in a video.

Point is that Riot Games stands out as one of the few gaming companies who actively recognize the danger SOPA poses to not just the gaming community, but the internet as a whole. Riot Games CEO "Ryze" took to the game's forums to blast the legislation, with Riot Games' in-house lawyer "RiotLomar" currently answering questions on reddit ab out the company's stance.

We applaud Riot Games for their dedication to a free internet community. Though I personally still suck at League of Legends.

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