League of Legends creates season 2 victory skins for the Taipei Assassins

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Winning the League of Legends season two world finals was no easy task. Through all their skill defeating the world’s toughest opponents, the Taipei Assassins of Taiwan were victorious in front of thousands live. If the money and trophy weren't enough, how about skins made specifically for the characters they won with in the style of their mascot? Because that is exactly what is happening.

Riot is making unique skins for Nunu, Dr. Mundo, Shen, Orianna, and Ezreal in honor of the Taipei Assassin’s victory. Check out those skins today! I’m a huge fan of the Nunu skin resembling the Taipei mascot, as well as the Shen one simply because it’s awesome. No date of release yet, but I’m going to assume they will be available for only a limited amount of time. Nothing helps you win in season 3 like having season 2 champion skins, am I right? 


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