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League of Legends chooses Seoul’s World Cup Stadium for their 2014 finals


Every year I find myself saying to myself, “how can League of Legends get even bigger?” Well, the mere fact that the 2014 finals will be in Seoul’s World Cup Stadium is a pretty defining answer. This South Korean stadium has a massive 66,800 capacity. I’ll do the math for you, that’s about 60,000 more seats than last year’s Nokia Theater in L.A. As someone who was at the Nokia Theater, it felt prettttttty massive. Now just add, like, 60,000 more seats – NBD.

The Sangram Stadium will be filled with LoL fans on the 19th of October. The vast scope of this event is beyond what I can even imagine. So many fans, so much LoL, so much culture! The path to Worlds is paved with stops to Taipei and Singapore in Septermber for the group stages.

When all the world’s finest meet up, who will be victorious? Only one team can win the Summoner’s Cup, who will it be? Will it be Korean home town favorites or someone else? Time is winding down for our answer.



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