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League of Legends 'bug' lets you play ten of the same champions on one map

5v5 teemo

Ever wonder what it would be like to fight a team of five of the exact same characters as you in League of Legends? Thanks to a new "bug" discovered by fans of the hughly popular MOBA, you no longer have to.

Standard LoL rules for ranked (and draft) allow only one character to be chosen with no duplicate picks. Normal blind pick matches are a bit more lenient, allowing each team to have the full roster available; but, while you can have the same characters on opposite teams, you can't have duplicates on the same team.

This new discovery ditches those rules. As you can see in the montage video below, you are free to play five of the same champions against five of the exact same champions. Soooo many Nidalee spears!

While I'm not entirely certain quite yet how to enable the mode, it's apparently accessed by editing some of the files in your League of Legends folder (feel free to share the steps in the comments below). For those of you not willing to hack into the LoL files, it's probably easier to just join one of the already created games hosted in the custom game lobby.

It's worth noting that there was originally some confusion as to whether partaking in such a match would result in a ban due to Riot's Terms of Service, but Riot has since come out and said you are safe to play.

"I want to add something to this, nobody has been banned and nobody will be banned for using this while it's still available. It will likely have to go into stealth mode soon, and of course you use it at your own risk as it is not polished," Riot's Ymir said on the forums. "We'll have more information later, but for now have fun!"

After asked for some clarification as to whether or not those who actually modify their client are at risk, Ymire added:

Basically we won't be pursuing this specific case, we still really take a dim view of breaches of the ToU and will always be cautious and investigate. This isn't a free pass to break the rules, but for this specific instance we won't be punishing people.

This was something we left out there and we have more information on what it actually was we left out there coming later. You guys had the right of it when you said "this is fun, why would you punish us for fun that doesn't hurt people?" That's a question everyone answered with we shouldn't.

If something like this comes up again it may be handled differently, circumstances all have their own context after all.

So have at it summoners. Go play a 10-man Teemo game, or five Garens vs five Annies. The LoL is your oyster!


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