League of Legends animated short teases possible new manly support champ

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Oh, those cute little poros. Always willing to sacrifice safety for another meal. The latest League of Legends adventure comes in the form of an animated short. Titled "Trials of the Poro," it features our adorable furry friend braving a battle at the Howling Abyss on a quest to get a snack. 

After dodging multiple weapons from fallen champions, the poro soon finds himself facing a hail of arrows falling from the sky. Staring certain death in the eye, the poro is saved by a hulking, bald brute with a powerful mustache (presumably Braum).

"Next time you get my back," he says.

Although the video doesn't get into specifics, it's suggested that the new champion -- let's call him Braum -- will fill the support role. Not only does he survive a hail of arrows, his protective nature and closing line certainly do imply that's the case. He's also holding a massive shield.

So what do you think? Is the new champion fit for support?

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