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League of Legends adds email verification


In an effort to keep your League of Legends account safe from hackers, Riot Games is rolling out email verification for "any and all" account credential changes. Once activated,t he new system will message your verified email whenever a change is made with your account. This should keep you notified of any suspicious activity happening.

"Baddies won’t be able to change a single credential on your account without also having access to your verified email account," developer Riot Games said. "This is just a first step - we’re looking into many more security features to keep your account details safe like SMS protection and more, so stay tuned."

If account safety weren't enough incentive, Riot is giving a 4-win IP boost for everyone that establishes a verified email account. The process to set this up is simple and painless (I just did it). All you’ll need to do is log into League of Legends via the website. Once in, click your summon name in the top right corner. The first tab is called “Account Protection.” Go there and click the large button that says “Verify Email.”

In a matter of moments, you’ll receive an email from Riot to your said verified email address. Log into your email, click the link provided and voilà! You sir or ma'am, have just verified your account.

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