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Leading Doctor: No Evidence That 3D Gaming Will Have a Permanent Effect on Eyes


As stereoscopic 3D becomes increasingly popular, both in theater and in gaming, concerns arise about its effects on users' eyes. Some viewers experience headaches or nausea and the list of warnings that comes with these devices is frightening for anybody.

Gamasutra spoke with Dr. Mark Borchert, a highly-regarded ophthalmologist in Los Angeles who was named by the L.A. Times as one of the best doctors in Southern California last year, and asked him about the effects of 3D viewing for long periods of time.

"It's not likely to cause any permanent harm to vision," said Dr. Borchert. Though some may have short-term symptoms such as,"eyestrain or headaches…nausea, but there's no evidence that it can cause permanent harm to your vision…or anything like that."

However, Gamasutra points out that Borchert also happens to be a doctor at the Children's Hospital in L.A. and he has this to say, "the effect of 3D on young children, we have no idea. For older, it's not going to hurt them," and he said he doesn't see how it could cause permanent damage to someone over the age of four.

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