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Layoffs hit Warner Bros. Seattle


As America struggles to pull itself out of 2008’s economical collapse, layoffs continue to strike developers across the videogame industry; this time Warner Bros. Seattle has hit, as an unknown amount of folks are now out of a job.

The decision was “Due to shifting business imperatives, WB Games Seattle has made staff reductions," according to a spokesperson via GameInformer. "The group will continue to remain an integral part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment." As we mentioned, WB Interactive Entertainment has not released the exact number of employees let go, so it’s quite difficult to measure the loss at this time.

In addition to the unforeseen numbers, WB has not revealed which studios within the company received the unfortunate news. According to some, unconfirmed sources, the team behind the F.E.A.R. series were mightily affected, including their general manager. This isn’t the first time the WB Seattle studio has been hit with layoffs – the studio let go a number of folks last November – which may point to why WB has merged several of their studios, three to be exact, into one giant studio that’ll begin working on future projects.

Our best wishes go out to those who are affected by these layoffs. Thankfully we work in an industry that generally sticks together and picks up those who have been let go; we can only hope this is once again the case.

Source: [GameInformer]

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