Layoffs confirmed at THIEF studio Eidos Montreal

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Eidos Montreal, the studio behind the development of the new THIEF game, has confirmed the layoffs of 27 employees today.

"Yes it is true we've let 27 people go today, unfortunately it's something that every major studio has to do sometimes in order to ensure you have the right set up for current and future projects," a statement from THIEF publisher Square Enix to Kotaku reads. 

"It's never a nice thing to do but we are genuinely trying to offer as much support as much as we can. We're trying to re-locate as many people as possible into other roles here or at our other studios and we've been in touch several studios in Montreal to arrange a career day for those affected by this.

"We're very thankful for all their hard work and we sincerely wish them well," the statement concludes.

THIEF was a reinvention of the popular franchise, released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC in late February. Despite the build-up towards its launch, its release was met with sharp criticism. On GameZone, it scored a 6.5/10 with reviewer Mike Splechta saying fans who have long-awaited Garrett's return "might be somewhat disappointed."

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