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Lawbreakers' player base has dropped by 60% on Steam since Beta, despite generally favorable reviews

LawBreakers is getting off to a slow start on Steam.

LawBreakers is one of the freshest multiplayer shooters on the market right now, but it looks like it's being met head on by the stiff competition already on Steam. According to numbers pulled by GITHYP, the game has seen a drop in its player base of 60% from its time in Beta, reeling in a peak player count of only 3K. By comparison, the undeservedly shamed Battleborn still managed a peak of 12K at its launch.

This isn't to say that LawBreakers is a bad game, quite the opposite. The game has scored pretty well across the board from critics and fans alike. The game currently has an 88% positive user rating on Steam and GameZone's own Cade Onder was completely taken by surprise at how satisfying it felt.

That said, the multiplayer space, especially on Steam is pretty well crowded at the top, as Counter-Strike: GO, DotA 2, Team Fortress 2, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are just a few of the names refusing to relent their dedicated player bases.

LawBreakers was originally revealed as a free-to-play game back in 2015, but have since changed their payment model to a $29.99 entry fee. It's impossible to tell if this is the reasoning for such low player counts in the early going, but all we can do is hope that the game picks up steam (no pun intended...kinda) soon.

Source: [GITHYP via PCGamesN]

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