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Latest NHL 14 trailer showcases 'Enforcer Engine', basics of fighting

NHL 14 fighting Enforcer Engine

For some, NHL is all about the dramatic, last-second victories, improbable passing and spectacular goalkeeping, but for others professional hockey is all about, yes, the fights.  NHL 14 sets out to please both parties, but those in latter camp should perk up and pay attention, because EA Sports has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming game showcasing their revamped, “Enforcer Engine” fighting mechanic – one that allows for both offensive and defensive fighting.

The full trailer can be seen below:

The NHL 14 official demo is out now on both PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, so be sure to jump online, download the demo and check out the Enforcer Engine for yourselves. Oh, and be sure to shout fatality every time you knockout an opponent.

Source: [YouTube – EA Sports]

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