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Last Chaos to Introduce Strayana, New State of the Art Zone

August 26, 2008

Last Chaos to Introduce Strayana, New State of the Art Zone

In the most recent update for Last Chaos, a new state of the art zone has been introduced called “Strayana,” for players above level 80. Players who have achieved the milestone level can see a slew of new monsters, new items and will eventually come complete with a high level dungeon.

Clouds scatter the skies of the dark swamp filled with poisonous acid rain. Players’ attributes will be affected by the acid rain and he only way for players to avoid being affected is an antidote.

With the implementation of the antidote system, this allows a consistent gold sink to be placed in the game, thereby helping to control the games economic inflation.

Be aware of the new monsters that lie ahead as well, this new zone will not be easy according to Tim Adams, associate producer of Last Chaos.

The implementation of new content allows players to strive for new achievements, which is what T-Entertainment and Aeria Games has done to provide players with. With the new patch comes more in the future, especially with the above mentioned high level dungeon.

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