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Last Chaos Global Launches Expansion Pack 1

March 18, 2009

Aeria Games Last Chaos Global Launches Expansion Pack 1 Long standing MMORPG receives largest update in the games history

Aeria Games announced today that the launch of Expansion Pack 1 for Last Chaos Global. The long standing massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) Last Chaos has received the largest content update in the games history.

Expansion Pack 1 is the first of a series of expansions that will be released throughout the next year. The expansion includes:

Automated Market System

For the first time in Last Chaos history players can now set up their items in a fully automated market system that allows for competitive pricing, and removes the requirement that players remain online to sell their wares! Prevents scamming as level of items/quantity/seller/prize are displayed prominently Frees up server space causing less lag

New Skills level 90-100

Increases potential for group play, as new skills are focused on supplementing raid groups Long awaited, player suggested skills being implemented Rare skill books now drop in game offering players a chance to get the most powerful skills before everyone else!

New Armor and Weapons

Visible Helmets for all player classes New Seal Combinations that add surprise stats and effects to weapons and armor New armor skins and glow effects make customizing your avatar easier than ever before.

Extreme Cube System

The first ever instanced dungeon that pits players against one another AND evil hordes of monsters. Only the strongest will survive the chaos. Allows players to fight one another, and NPC's in a battle to advance through the cube system Players can participate with a Group or in the massive Guild versus Guild battles for supreme domination of the cube. Dungeons are randomized and relative to player levels

New Dungeons

Two new high level dungeons the Ebony Mines and MistyCanyon introduce new monsters, and party play that will keep game play exciting for hours. The level cap for players has been increased to 140

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