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Last of Us Developers Talk About Game


Neil Druckmann (creative director) and Bruce Straley (game director) of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us team, talk about their developing game.  This exclusive interview with EuroGamer (click here to see the video), gave gamers some key information about this new title and what they would like to be seen done with it. 

These two developers spoke strongly about the genre in which The Last of Us falls into – the survival, horror, “zombie” area.  What is important to them is telling an engaging story.  The Last of Us will be a narrative based game and they would like to redefine just what that means to the industry.  What does story mean to gameplay?  What does gameplay mean to story?  Critics and developers need to raise the bar on story based games to make the evolution of this genre to evolve further.  Naughty Dog’s focus will be on the ‘human condition’ in this title.

While talking about The Last of Us trailer previewed at the 2011 Video Game Awards, the pair of developers state that their trailer represents the game well and what they are going for.  What are the relationships / bonds between the protagonists?  What will strategy be based around – melee?  Guns?  Post-apocalyptic?  Who are these enemies?  What happened?

When Dead Island’s cinematic trailer first came out, the team was concerned that Dead Island would attempt the same thing they were trying to portray.  The bond between the family and their daughter really caught the hearts of the viewers.  The Last of Us team said that the trailer did not really represent the gameplay though as far as that personal bond goes and what they are trying to accomplish in this new game.        

If what the directors said was try, the hype for The Last of Us should only increase.  I for one am looking forward to this game.  To quote the developers, “It’s going to be a completely amazing experience that no player has experienced before.”  If this survival game can truly connect to my emotions and tell a compelling narrative story in the process – I’m in.

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