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Lady Gaga is La Chameleon in 'Machete Kills'... still not as weird as Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson

In 2010, Robert Rodriguez directed the grindhouse, B-movie style Machete. Danny Trejo was Machete, an ex-Federale who goes on a brutal rampage against his former boss after being set-up and betrayed. It had a cast full of what-the-f*ck actors and mixed reviews despite being a mindless, violent movie.

The sequel, Machete Kills, which is one of two planned sequels, just announced that Lady Gaga is joining the cast as La Chameleon. Her role is unknown, but she's in lingerie and fur and is holding a smoking gun. I must say, it's probably the best I've ever seen her look. And while I've only seen her acting chops on Saturday Night Live, when she commits to a character, she goes full gorilla.

lady gaga machete kills poster

She joins the bizarre cast of Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Michelle Rodriguez, Cuba Gooding Jr., and of course, Danny Trejo. The announced of Gaga was on Robert Rodriguez's Twitter account, which Lady Gaga later confirmed on hers:

lady gaga machete kills

Machete Kills is eyeing a 2013 release date.

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