La-Mulana remake hits PC next week (in North America!)

La-Mulana may not be landing on the North American WiiWare service, but that isn't stopping Nigoro from releasing the remake of the revered indie gem on our side of the globe. After a lengthy series of events, the newest version of La-Mulana will be playable on the PC.

The game will launch next Friday through Playism. The English language site hasn't launched just yet, but it will in time for the release of La-Mulana. There seem to be a handful of indie titles on the site, a few of which were previously exclusive to Japan. If Playism allows more Japanese indie titles to land in North America, that will be pretty damn sweet.

La-Mulana arrives on Playism next week for $14.99. If you were hoping to play the game on WiiWare and were totally bummed out about that version getting canned here in the States, watch out for it on the PC.

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