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Kuma Games Unveils A Massively Upgraded Network Of Episodic Games

March 19, 2009


Fans Get Better Games, Faster Downloads, New Social Tools and Additional Multiplayer Servers

Kuma Games, the world’s premier innovators in absolutely-free, state-of-the-art, episodic video games has debuted the next generation of realistic, exciting and fast online video games, driven by Valve’s cutting-edge Source Engine.

The new engine features vastly improved graphics; enhanced animations; expanded maps with significant improvements in real world interactions; a massive arsenal of new weapons and a vastly upgraded overall weapon system, offering more flexible load-outs, iron sites, pinpoint accuracy and more realistic action.

The new engine will also scale the game based on the power of the player’s machine, allowing more people to enjoy all the improved aspects of the Kuma experience, regardless of the power of their computer. The new optimizations will allow all Kuma games to run efficiently on even the lowest-end machines while cutting download times substantially.

“Our new engine allows our top-flight developers the tools that they need to create absolutely FREE games that can compete more than favorably with expensive retail games…both in performance and quality,” says Keith Halper, CEO of Kuma Games. “Even better, virtually anyone can download these games faster than ever on computers they already have in their own homes.”

Kuma is also leveraging its recent partnership with IBM and Akamai, to distribute games online more efficiently AND offer improved multi-player options despite disparate end-user geographies, large game file size--including HD trailers, high, uneven or inconsistent traffic levels, and inherent Internet weaknesses such as network outages.

Kuma’s vast and popular episodic game lineup, which includes Kuma\War, World War II/Vietnam, The DinoHunters, The History Channel’s Dogfights, and Spike TV’s The Kill Point Game will all be upgraded with episodes re-released each week with optimized maps, featuring enhanced graphics and animations, along with an overall smoother game experience on our expanded global network of multiplayer servers.

“Not only are we delivering the best free games available in the online universe,” says Halper. “But we’re getting them to more people in more places around the world, and we’re giving them more social tools for them to find, communicate and compete with each other. The games are better and our global reach is greater, so these improvements will let more people in on the fun.”

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