Krieg the Psycho enters the fray as the sixth class in Borderlands 2

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A new class type is set to rage across all of Pandora in Borderlands 2 this May. Krieg the Psycho will be available for download as part of the Psycho Pack, due out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC for $9.99.

Krieg will let you enjoy everything you adore about the psychos (like a severe personality disorder) as you tear through other lunatics and bandits. Dude's also armed with a buzz axe, and his skill trees allow you to focus on combat, insanity, and fire.

In addition to the upcoming character, Borderlands 2 players can also expect a new level cap starting April 2. The Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack, which is included with the DLC season pass, will raise the cap to 61 and unlock Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, a third play-through for Borderlands 2 aficionados.

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