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KRATER Digital Press Interview

Martin Wahlund, the executive producer of Fatshark, did a digital press interview to explain some of the qualities to expect in their new title KRATER.  This top-down RPG takes place in a post-apocalyptic Sweden.  The developers say they are making a huge world with endless possibilities.  The size of this world offers the developers endless expansiveness and future content.

Fatshark is trying to create a game that appeals to the single-player crowd, co-op crowd, and they plan on adding PvP as DLC.  Crafting will be a big deal.  Players will be able to create consumables, weapons, and even aspects of your character – what that means I’m not sure.  Exploration will be key and always a welcome addition to the post-apocalyptic setting.  In KRATER, caves and dungeons will be plentiful and they encourage you to explore them. 

A scary notion of the game is this idea of permanent death in certain situations.  Whoa.  All that work – gone.  Talk about high risk and I assume high reward.  Perma-death is always a frightening feature to mess around with in any type of game. 

Lastly, the creators of KRATER just want your feedback.  Watch the video and drop them a line of what you think.  Both their Twitter and Facebook pages are @fatsharkgames.

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