Korean SC2 Team StarTale Joins League of Legends

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As League of Legends continues to expand globally, more and more teams will be representing different countries in international tournaments.  Riot's recent expansion into China has been a welcomed addition to the entire Eastern Hemisphere.  The reach and popularity of League of Legends worldwide has probably been a welcomed surprise for Riot Games who recently announced a record-breaking prize for Season 2 of League of Legends.

It seems a new team is vying for that prize.  Korean professional team StarTale has become the latest addition to join the ranks of Korean pro teams competing in League of Legends.  StarTale is a top Korean StarCraft 2 team, founded by former acting coach of Pantech Curtel and former coach of WeMade Fox Won Joong WOok.

In a rough translation of a Korean forum, StarTale has decided to ride the worldwide popularity of League of Legends and create a founding team of five players.  If these names are correct the members will be kkoma, vitamin, Mafa, Joker, and Ryu.  Of course, I don't speak Korean so if we have any followers, you can see the official post here.

You can follow StarTale's League of Legends livestream at

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