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Korean player JCDR takes the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 MLG Fall Championship!


The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tourney here at MLG wrapped up yesterday afternoon – the story of the day is, as in many eSports titles, Korean dominance. That’s not to say there weren’t some close matches though . Let’s get right down to it:

annivsjcdrATL.Anakin vs JCDR

ATL.Anakin, a former MLG Tekken 6 Champion, was faced with quite the challenge in JCDR, a Korean Ace coming to this tournament to prove that Korea is still a dominant force in Tekken.  Anakin came in with his signature Jack/Jack 6 team, hoping to throw Jcdr off with solid mechanics and heavy combos when he can poke in. However, this proved to be ultimately fatal as Jack’s heavy swings weren’t fast enough to get in against JCDR’s Heihachi which he almost always full punished with a tag combo/tag assault throw with Armor King, who’s throws have some of the highest damage potential in the game.

Anakin tried desperately to come back, even swapping out Jack 6 for Eddy for the final match, hoping the Caporia mixups of Eddy would be able to shake JCDR’s composure. JCDR threw this back in Anakin’s face wth calm and steady down parries to toss Eddy back to the ground, following up with excellent bound combos that again, always ended in an Armor King throw. So, despite solid spacing and some decent combos, Anakin didn’t have much to answer JCDR.

 Despite this, Anakin left the match with a grin, happy to have squared off against some great competitors – after all, top three isn’t bad. However, with Anakin gone, the last US hope was also eliminated, leading to an all Korean finals of HelpMe versus JCDR.

JCDR vs HelpMeJCDRHelp

HelpMe came into this matchup with a huge advantage having just sent JCDR to the loser’s finals to fight ATL.Anakin, and as such was extremely confident going into this matchup. However, JCDR didn’t let this get to him and stuck to solid fundamentals to make a come back against his fellow Korean.  JCDR stuck with his team of Armor King and Heihachi, using the very same combos that gave Anakin so much trouble against HelpMe’s team of Leo/Bruce - so much that HelpMe swapped out Bruce for Lars.This proved to be quite a bit more effective, even able to throw JCDR on the ropes for a bit there. But, with the composure of a champion, JCDR shrugged this off with some clutch plays and punishing HelpMe for a couple of key combo drops which ultimately ended up spelling HelpMe’s doom. This made JCDR your Tekken Tag Tournament 2 MLG Fall Champion!

The Award Ceremony – JCDR trash talks his Korean friends

jcdrDuring the award ceremony JCDR was asked if he and his friends that came to the tournament together would be trash talking each other later to which JCDR laughed, replying “I fell sorry for HelpMe for taking this away from him, and of course, our other friends I will be making fun of for their results.” So in this 48 player tournament, we had Koreans come out on top. This was the third event in the tournament to do so – both StarCraft II and League of Legends ended up with Korean teams/players on top. Hopefully this tournament inspires players from around the world to level up their game!

Final Results:JCDR wins

1. JDCR (Armor King, Heihachi | Armor King, Jinpachi) $6,000
2. HelpMe (Bruce, Lee | Lars, Lee | Others) $3,600
3. ATL|Anakin (Eddy, Jack-6 | Jack-6, P. Jack) $2,000
4. Saint (Bob, Ganryu) $1,200
5. Lil Majin (King, Armor King) $700
5. TZ Kane (Angel, Lili) $700
7. Shin Blade (Nina, Steve) $400
7. Kayall (King, Armor King) $400

Dustin Steiner is GameZone's eSports Editor! Follow him on Twitter @GZSteiner and check out Video Gaming Hard Corps, where he is a local tournament organizer for the S. FL. Fighting Game Community.

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