Konami Asleep at the Wheel, Announces Hard Corps a Week Late

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We've just received news from Konami that Hard Corps: Uprising is out! Problem is, the game has actually been available and heavily promoted on Xbox Live for a full week as part of Microsoft's House Party promotion. Either this is all a cunning ploy to get us to talk about the game an extra week or Konami actually forgot that they already released it.

While many forget about the other Contra game with “Hard Corps” in the title, you would expect Konami to remember with their own release. Is the snafu a reflection on the game itself? Well, with a Metacritic average of 74 and wildly-ranging opinions, the new game amounts to a hit-or-miss with most people. Perhaps Konami's PR branch thought the game was too hard and simply gave up on it.

It's not all old news on Konami's end, though. Their press release informed that two of the four characters in the game are being sold separately, à la carte, at 200 points each. So if you want to play as the samurai girl and the guy with the amazing pompadour (pictured above), you'll have to scrounge up another $5. If I learned anything from Konami today, it's that their DLC nickel-and-diming continues unabated.

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