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Kojima tells Metal Gear Solid director "betray your audience"

Well, that's something.

Kojima tells Metal Gear Solid director "betray your audience"

The Metal Gear Solid movie has been a long time coming and with the film finally getting a director and a script in development, it was only a matter of time before the film's director sat down with the franchise creator and had a chat in public.

The hour-long interview between director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and game creator Hideo Kojima covers Kojima's past, Kojima himself and Metal Gear in general. With Vogt-Roberts set to direct the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film, he eventually broached the subject of the upcoming film

Jordan Vogt-Roberts asked Kojima the following question on what Kojima's advice to him would be:

"As I now go and interpret your myths, as I embark on making a Metal Gear Solid movie, what would you say to me?"

Hideo Kojima paused for a second and answered with the following:

"Do the same thing as me, betray your audience."

On top of that, Kojima advised that anyone who creates something and receives poor criticism at the start to wait it out. Fan perception can change with time, for example, the criticism of Metal Gear 2 changed over time.

Prior to these question, Vogt-Roberts asked Kojima if he wished he had gone into films instead of gaming. Kojima responded saying that he could dedicate his whole life to game development that he could never get bored and if ever strayed into being a film director, he'd probably never finish the film because he would get stuck in the details.

You can watch the interview in full below:

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