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Knights in the Nightmare Tutorial Demo Now Available on Nintendo Channel

May 14, 2009

Knights in the Nightmare Tutorial Demo Now Available on Nintendo Channel

Try the classic-in-the-making weeks before its release!

Have you ever waited for a game's release with feelings of both anticipation and trepidation? Are you drawn in by whispers of a complicated, deep, engaging, awesome game but simultaneously frightened by the implications of the same? What if there was some way to slowly immerse yourself in these waters without throwing yourself into a rushing river of potentially overwhelming gameplay?

Something like a... tutorial demo, maybe? Guess what, Faithful: we've got your demo right here!

For a limited time, Wii owners connected to Nintendo Channel can download an extensive tutorial demo of Knights in the Nightmare directly to their Nintendo DS!

This will hurt. A lot.
Interactive, educational, and lengthy, this tutorial demo is the perfect step-by-step introduction to the unprecedented game design of Knights in the Nightmare. Learn about the game's core mechanics, the importance of properly shifting between law and chaos modes, weapon management, special moves, and much, much more! Hurry though, because the demo is only available for a limited time!

Knights in the Nightmare is scheduled for release on June 2nd with an MSRP of $34.99. Be sure to pre-order early* to guarantee your art book!


*At participating retailers, while supplies last

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