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Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition making its way to PC and Mac June 18

Knights of Pen & Paper has recently become my on the go obsession. This clever digital representation of D&D, with witty dialogue, and streamlined gameplay mechanics is perfect for someone who always wanted to sit down and perhaps start a game of D&D, but never had enough nerdy friends to play with, or the time to invest.

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition will take that same, blissfully addicting gameplay from the mobile version, and make it available on the PC and Mac. This isn't just a straight up port though. The +1 Edition will also include many new features such as new character options, a lengthier campaign, raid-friendly dungeons, a tavern, and plenty of new unhealthy snacks for players to feed their in-game adventurers to boost their stats.

KoPP+1 can be preordered now for $9.99 for the standard edition and $14.99 for the deluxe edition, which comes with:

  • Special Guest Character – A Yellow Wizard with passive MP +20
  • Farm Village Map – A new location that will allow players to farm experience efficiently. Also includes the exclusive Scarecrow monster!
  • Sci-fi Pack for Bedroom – This gives players 4 exclusive items to customize their “in-game, real-world room”
  • Treasure Chest with 800 Gold – in-game gold that helps any new player get a head start on their adventure


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