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Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince releases today on iOS

gree knights and dragons

Today, GREE has released Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince for iOS devices. A free-to-play game, Knights & Dragons has players defend a medieval kingdom against the Dark Prince and his army. Putting together a group of fighters, you build up a city, complete quests, slay dragons in dungeons of varying difficulties, and PvP. 

There's crafting and fusing armor, as well; when you defeat enemies, you get components to make better armor that makes you more dangerous to the enemies and players that you face. Knights & Dragons also has social features, with leaderboards, weekly player-versus-player tournaments, hiring friends to fight for you, and in0game achievements.

“In Knights & Dragons, we set out to develop a fun and accessible RPG experience that delivers all the social, strategic and immersive elements that mobile social gamers love,” said Eiji Araki, SVP, Social Games, GREE International, Inc. “We also wanted to bring a deeper storyline by introducing an entertaining plot, witty dialogue, playful characters and high-production art, as well as a continuous dose of new content, features and events to keep the fun fresh. We’ve worked hard to make this title more than a game, but an ongoing entertaining experience.”

I've been playing Knights & Dragons for the last week, hopping on whenever I have a free moment. Look for my review of the game soon.

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