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Knack is a 10-hour 'story driven adventure'


I'll admit, when I first saw Knack revealed as one of the PlayStation 4's exclusive launch titles, I was less than impressed. It seemed like a glorified tech demo designed to show off the PS4's ability to handle tons of particles. Apparently, there's more too it then just showing off new technology.

"It’s not apparent from the E3 demo, but it is a very story driven adventure," explained Knack creator Mark Cerny, who is also the system architect for the PlayStation 4. "As system architect I knew there would be quality core games for launch for the core gamer. I just wanted to make sure there was something for the rest of the family to enjoy as well.

"The first time through should take about ten hours, and then we have included a lot of features that make it interesting to play again," Cerny said, assuring gamers there will be plenty of replay value in Knack. "For example, there are hundreds of secret rooms and many contain treasure chests.

"Some of those are part of gadgets that will help Knack in his quest – you need to collect all the parts before you can build the gadget. Others are crystal relics where if you collect enough of them you can unlock a variation on the Knack character you can use in a subsequent play-through. There are also a couple of additional features that we’re not talking about at this point," he said.

Knowing Knack will offer more than just pretty graphics and bright colors should calm any worries one may have over what can be assumed will be a $60 launch title. Looking at Knack with an open-mind, the game does harken back to the classic action platformers of yester-year.

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