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Kirbys Adventure   Retrospective

Kirby’s Adventure – NES / GameBoy Advanced Retrospective

By Dakota Grabowski

Before his appearance in the Smash Bros series, Kirby was a legend

Even though Nintendo hasn’t given the second-tier hero much love recently, gamers can still look back and fondly remember his glory days. Kirby hasn’t always been stuck in the shadow of Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi… once upon a time, his series was pushing the graphical boundaries of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

What were its cultural impacts and/or importance?

Kirby’s Adventure was truly one of the last great NES titles to release and it wasn’t just because of the visuals. The gameplay was as pure as they come. With no necessity to be convoluted for the sake of being convoluted, Kirby’s Adventure is a nostalgic look at how games were once created back before they went 3D.

A simple jump allows players to continue to float to the next boss (or mini-boss) fight and also reach the end of the stage. There was no need to duel with every pedestrian enemy along the way – one could simply avoid altercations and continue forth as if there was never any conflicts.

In addition, the score is reminiscent of what gamers should look for in their titles. It had all the charm and none of the extravagant orchestras that developers nowadays are attempting to use to make their titles “more epic.” This old school standard of thinking stands out from today’s generation of gaming, and does so in a fantastic way. There’s nothing more appealing than the allure of simplicity.

What areas of gaming did it advance?

There’s no denying it – Kirby’s Adventure is the crme de la crme of NES titles. The backgrounds and characters look astounding, it runs smooth and the art style is one of a kind. If gamers were to be shown flash cards with different gaming environments, Kirby’s would immediately be recognized for its roundness and undemanding character art.

There’s something that developers could learn from going back to Kirby’s Adventure – straightforward gameplay and designs help create an immersive environment. Gamers could literally be sucked in by Kirby and his adversaries.

Does it stand the test of time?

When compared to the majority of NES titles, Kirby’s Adventure is a godsend in the visuals department. When developers were able to move on to creating titles for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, their games received the much needed graphical improvement in the concerns of detail.  So it has to be said that in a short amount of time, Kirby’s Adventure was no longer the reigning visuals champion.

Still, the fact remains, Kirby’s Adventure was a game ahead of its time. The magic it created back in 1992 (Japanese release date) still surrounds the second entry in the series and holds up well for today’s standards.

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