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Kirby Mass Attack Launches Today! (Not Yesterday)


Kirby Mass Attack has landed, folks! You can now go out to your local video game retailer and pick up a copy of the pink puffball's latest quest. Speaking of quests, I went to hell and back just to get some answers for all of you!

Despite the fact that every single website on the planet, including Nintendo, listed a September 19 launch for Kirby Mass Attack, the game was nowhere to be found yesterday. I went to multiple GameStops and a Walmart and found absolutely nothing. Then I called a handful of other GameStop stores and a Best Buy, and still no results. Everyone was telling me the game would be shipped today, September 20!

I eventually hit up the Gears of War 3 midnight launch and asked around for some answers to what I believe is a Kirby conspiracy. One GameStop associate told me that Nintendo changes the launch dates of its games at the last minute all the time. Not cool, Nintendo!

In any case, if you were having a hard time finding Kirby Mass Attack yesterday, that's probably because the sly devils over at the Big N had yet to ship it. Also, I've discovered that even today, a lot of retailers aren't carrying the game. I was fortunate enough to snag a copy at a nearby Best Buy, but I would suggest you folks call your retailer of choice before you head out with your hopes up high.

See? I made multiple phone calls, performed interviews at a live scene, and even talked to GameStop employees. All that just to find out what the heck was going on with a game! Journalism!

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